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Princess Theatre Company

Friday 27th April 2018, 7.00pm

Following the success of last year's evening of shorts plays, the Princess Theatre Company are back, presenting their new catalogue of original mini dramas.

The questions we are answering in 2018 are:

Where is Jake's leg?

What did happen on that mountain?

Is smart living the smart way to go?

When did John MacDonald become Jonny Mac?

Does money really make you happy?


How many groats does it cost for a medieval MOT?

If you want the answer to these question, and why wouldn't you. Get your tickets now for PTC in Shorts - The Return.

Tickets: £7/Concessions £4 To buy online click here


Thursday May 3rd 2018, 7.30pm

Back after their fabulous evening in the autumn! Guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face, with a song in your heart and reflecting on a truly memorable live music experience, this is a show you do not want to miss.

. "Excellent!", "Fantastic!", "The best tribute band I've ever seen" are comments often heard at the end of this remarkable show; it's easy to see why this is such a huge smash. You will be amazed how just five performers can reproduce 100% live, the complex orchestral arrangements and intricate harmonies of America's biggest ever pop group. Come join the fun and ride the wave of adrenaline and nostalgia that will sweep you from surf to sun and from hit to hit. The Beach Boys Band delivers a stunning show of technicolour harmonies that will take your breath away. A unique opportunity to hear every chart hit America's biggest pop band ever recorded including: God Only Knows - Good Vibrations - I Get Around - Wouldn't It Be Nice - Surfin' USA - Fun Fun Fun - California Girls - Sloop John B and many more that you will know. may feel a great urge to get up and dance and sing at the top of your voice! A final word from someone who was there......

"I've seen the real Beach Boys three times and actually… these guys are better!" (Julie from Nottingham)

Tickets: £19/Concessions £17 To buy online click here

Theatrical Niche present

Thursday 10th May 2018, 7.30pm

Mr & Mrs Helmer are the iconic power couple. They excel at work, staying on top, socialising. They excel at excelling. But as his autobiography rolls out around Christmas-time, it seems there are a few things that Mr. Helmer may not have mentioned in the foreword.

Working with some of the UK's leading Mental Health charities, we use Verbatim interviews and emotive Choreography to rocket Ibsen's famous tale into a hugely relevant re-telling for modern audiences. Exploring stigmas around gender and mental health, this artful adaptation focuses on the impossible idolisation of one 'perfect' woman, by a man who walks with weights around his ankles.

"A Doll's House" showcases the play-writing collaboration of two of Theatrical Niche's founding members, as well as the direction of critically-acclaimed artist, Alice Sillett. This new production incorporates the words and intonations of mental abuse & mental health problem sufferers, giving
Tickets: £12/Concessions £10 To buy online click here

Re-ACT Dance present

Friday 10th June 2018, 7,30pm

Diversity is what shapes human life, but where there is socialisation there comes an inevitable divide. People become categorised, morals polarized and communities separated.

Division in society can prove fatal and yet it has seemingly become an innate part of our existence from a time before our own.

Through the medium of dance, we will explore how we connect, thrive and fail in a world that is governed by social, political and cultural divide…

Tickets: £8.50 To buy online click here


Saturday 2nd June 2018, 7.30pm

Come & celebrate a night of the guitar greats in one amazing show! The Guitar 'Legends' will mesmerise you with the greatest guitar hits of all time - from the early 50's right up to the present day. Featuring classic tracks from the world's most legendary guitarists: Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Carlos Santana, Dave Gilmour, Jimmy Page, Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Brian May, Eric Clapton plus many more…..

BE THERE! for an unforgettable night & experience sensational hits from some of the world's most iconic guitar legends!!
Tickets: £16/Concessions £15 To buy online click here

BEES Present

Saturday 16th June 2018, 7.00pm
Sunday 17th June 2018, 3.00pm


Lyrics by Tim Rice Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber

BEES youth members bring you this irresistible family musical about the trials and triumphs of Joseph, Israel's favourite son, as it celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018.

Tickets: £10/Concessions £8 To buy online click here

Back by popular demand
An evening with THE KNICKER LADY

Friday 22nd June 2018, 7.30pm

Rosemary Hawthorne, THE KNICKER LADY, returns to Burnham-on-Sea with a new, intimate version of her well-loved and popular show.

In AN EVENING WITH THE KNICKER LADY, Rosemary will soon have you rolling in the aisles as she deftly pulls from her cases knickers - and other things - of every shape, size and age, and tells the fascinating story of what women wore, or didn't wear, underneath their sometimes voluminous, sometimes frivolous, outer garments.

This is the bit of social history you weren't taught at school!

Critics have described Rosemary as "having the style and timing of pure comic genius" and of audiences "barely having time to catch their breath between laughs."

A classical actress, well known fashion historian and writer, mother of seven and wife of a clergyman, Rosemary continues to bring fun and laughter to men and women of every age and class.

Tickets: £12/Concessions £10/All 3 price £8
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Thurs 5th  - Sat 7th July 2018,  7.30pm
Sat 7th July 2018, 2.30pm


Inspired by the world's greatest love story, West Side Story is a timeless narrative that follows the journey of star crossed lovers that dare to dream.

In attempt to cross battle lines between two gangs, our protagonists are trapped in a bitter feud that forbids their love and threatens their future. Set in the upper west side neighbourhood of NYC, this musical is poignant and powerful in presenting the tragic consequence of love, revenge and hatred in a society built on conflict.

For never was a story of more woe…

*Performance contains flashing lights and loud bangs

Tickets: £10/Concessions £9
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Saturday 14th July 2018, 7.00pm
The ever popular singer songwriter returns, this time with his own Frog Band

In 1964 Raymond met up with Lou Clark, Len Ablethorpe and H Cain to form am band, at that time in Birmingham they were surrounded by talented friends who were doing the same.- Roy Wood, Jeff Lynn, Bev Bevan, Carl Wayne..the list goes on.

Raymond and his band gigged around England and France for a while before being signed by Polidor in 1967. That is when Raymond wrote his first hit, and more followed. His songs were covered by Cliff, Dave Clark, Leapie Lee, Daniel O’Donnell, Gladdis Knight and many more.

Raymond has continued to write and tour around the world – from Ronnie Scotts to Wembley Arena… To The Princess! A fantastic show with songs spanning 52 years!

Tickets: £16
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Friday 7th September 2018, 7.30pm
The music of Abba never fails to generate a fantastic night of entertainment!! Appealing to all age groups
is a fantastic show containing the finest musicians, stunning live vocals and amazing harmonies. The show has professional voiceovers, costume changes, choreographed dance routines, encourages audience participation and of course includes all the well know and favourite Abba Hits!!. The performers bring energy and fun to the stage that will ensure you will have a fantastic night to remember!!

Tickets: Adult £15
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Divorced, Beheaded, Died

Friday 12th October 2018, 7.30pm

'The year is 1544 and King Henry, the Eighth of that name, is engaged upon Royal Progress about his Realm; and has halted here to afford his Loyal Subjects the opportunity to have 'audience' with their Sovereign Lord and King.

The King, recently married to his new, and sixth, wife, Queen Catherine Parr, is in poor health; his leg continues to cause him considerable pain and he is often in a poor humour!

In the course of the 'audience', His Majesty will recount the events of his long reign; telling of his wives and his children, and His Majesty will invite his Loyal Subjects to Petition him or question him on ANY related subject : a lively Q&A is assured !'

Tickets: £12/Concessions £10 (Groups rates available)
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Friday 9th November 2018, 7.30pm

Psychic Medium Nikki Kitt is a Spiritualist Medium who is currently touring the UK with her successful Psychic / Mediumship Demonstrations
As a Medium Nikki Kitt aims to provide evidence of life after life by giving messages to people in the audience from their loved ones in spirit with amazing accuracy in descriptions, personalities and all sorts of personal information..
"Hi Nikki I attended your evening last night and just wanted to say that you have an amazing talent"
"I have seen many mediums and psychics over the years and you are by far the best and most accurate the details you give are amazing"
"Went to see Psychic Medium Nikki Kitt tonight my mum came through soooo happy she was spot on with everything.. Thank you Nikki amazing night"

Tickets: £12
To buy online click here